Apple Pie

Apple Pie

Apple Pie is a fun puzzle game, there's no doubt about it!

Apple Pie is a fun puzzle game. The design is quite simple and the layout is very colorful. This game can be enjoyed by any type of user as it is user friendly and quite simple.
Although it might seem a little bit like a game for kids, this small game can be enjoyed by people of any age.

Apple Pie comes with a handy additional tool: the “Games Manager” provided by BigFishGames. You can use this "Games Manager" to download other entertaining games from the BigFishGames website. After installing the Apple Pie and the Game Manager, you can easily start playing.

You can say that Apple Pie is not a competitive game but it surely tests your attention to details.
Besides the fun layout, Apple Pie comes with a funny story. You are the owner of a restaurant that strives to stay in the restaurant business. You earn money for your restaurant every time you match 3 or more identical tiles that are positioned in a line. With that money you can buy different things for your restaurant. This makes the game more interesting and fun for kids.

Apple Pie is not another game that you play just for points, it`s a game that enables you to develop your own virtual restaurant.

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